The History of Tener's Tradition

Ray Tener opened up his first store in 1930, down on Exchange Avenue in the stockyards area of the Oklahoma capital. Tener says he sold what they called men’s furnishings in his early-day store on Exchange and continued to do so when he moved around the corner to Agnew Street a short time later. Tener's love of people and his life of strength and character were the stepping stones to building the Tener's Tradition. The store remained in that same spot for 48 years.

Tener retired from running the store in 1971, when the business was incorporated, and his son-in-law Gordy took over. Jack Gordy first started working at Tener’s Western Wear, which is what it was called at that time, in 1964, as a junior in high school. He was dating Tener’s daughter and started out at the store by sweeping the floor.

Though Tener's has long sold western wear, Gordy said the store was not considered a western wear store until the late '50s.
While in the Stockyards area, Tener's growth was very methodical.
"It grew like the economy of the stockyards," Gordy said. If cattlemen had a good year, we did too. If they had a bad year, it was reflected in our sales."

After studying the market for a few years and looking at the future of the stockyards, in the 1970s, Gordy decided he wanted to move out of the Stockyards and expand the women's clothing line.

Gordy found some land he liked on Reno, just west of Meridian. Though it's not far from stockyards, the location is close to the highways, hotels and the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.
The year was 1978. They built an 11,000 square-foot store, but over the next two years expanded to have 28,000 square feet on two acres.

The western spirit that Ray Tener established still reigns at Tener's Western Outfitters and they have maintained a standard of excellence that singles out Tener's as one of Oklahoma's western wear legends.

Today, 90 years later, the stores are still family-owned and run by families born and raised in Oklahoma. In recent years, Tener's has expanded, including the Edmond location, and we have become known as one of the finest western wear operations in the Southwest. People from all over the United States frequent Tener's Western Outfitters on a regular basis, especially when they are in town for one of Oklahoma's premier rodeos or western events. Well-known rodeo stars, country singers and sports figures outfit themselves in hats and western wear from Tener's.

Tener's Western Outfitters has a full range of western gear including boots, hats, belts, buckles, jewelry, jeans, shirts, skirts, jackets, accessories... you name it, we have it. From wall to wall, and floor to ceiling, you'll find full lines of the latest in western styles, as well as traditional western wear for all ages of cowboys and cowgirls, and designer western clothing for very special occasions.
So if you want the latest styles in western wear, the best in name brand choice, Tener's is the place to be. Whether you're into rodeo, cattle ranching, boot scooting or just love western, from head to foot, you'll find everything you want at Tener's Western Outfitters.
Tener's Western Outfitters stores are located in Oklahoma City at 4320 West Reno (405-946-5500) and in Edmond at 1201 S. Broadway (405) 844-4757.